Hey everyone! Thank you very much for visiting my site.

Since early 2004, photography has been one of my passions. While it started out as a hobby, it has slowly begun to turn into something more. I started out taking photos of Air Force planes while I was in pilot training. As the years passed, I began to take more photos of different things. Whether it be landscapes or doing my best to take family photos.

I am a pilot in the Air Force, so doing photography is a little something that I do on the side. I love doing sports photography, and you can usually catch me on the sidelines of University of Central Missouri sporting events. I also love all things aviation. That should be pretty evident with what my profession is. With my daughters being into dancing, I have gotten into taking photos of their dance performances and doing their portraits before the performance season.

Doing the portraits of my daughters, and occasionally taking family portraits of my family, I decided I would open up to the public. I strive to provide a very laid back and fun atmosphere when taking your photos. Thank you for considering me for you or your family's photography needs. I look forward to working with you.

~ Allen Clark


Photo by Cassandra Marie Photography